Anna West , artist, photographer - Gallery of oil paintings and photography

North America

Ron at the Loft, Columbus
Embassy Hotel, Santa Monica
Olympic Mountains from Seattle
Ten minutes from Standiford <br/>Kentucky
Fu The Chicken
Watching Waves at Venice Beach
Woodland Cabin <br /> Mammoth Cave, Kentucky
Dontino's in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Ron at the Hilton
Hotel Eleni, Room 4
the Diamond Grill
Santa Monica
Barren River Lake <br />Kentucky
From East 55th Street <br />Cleveland, Ohio
Lissos Goat
View from the Embassy Hotel
Mammoth Cave Cottage
Gino and Carlo
Railroad Tracks <br>Akron, Ohio
John Temple and Ron Horning
Off I-80, PA
Caffe Trieste
Kutztown <br>Pennsylvania
Atlantic Ocean, Montauk Beach
Lake Toho Fish Camp
Florida East Coast
Pocono Forest <br />Pennsylvania
Shawnee Cabin <br />Pennsylvania
Pacific Ocean
Business Barbie
Saint Cloud <br>Florida
Ron in Seattle
Ditmars Boulevard
Silver Platter
Crescent J Ranch in Florida
Controlled Burn at Forever Florida Park
Spiral Jetty with Ron and Nancy
Jersey River
Avalon <br />New Jersey
Wildwood in Winter <br>New Jersey
Wayside Inn <br />Cape May, New Jersey
Niagara Falls, Canada
Augusta Woods

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