Anna West , artist, photographer - Gallery of oil paintings and photography

Europe and South America

Athens, from Room 42
Delphi Village
Igasu Hotel Window
Palms, Parque de Trianon
Opera at San Carlo
Syntagma Square
Delphi Theatre
Italian Clouds
Elephant Ears, Rio de Janeiro
Vesuvias, April, 6:20PM
Bamboo, Pargue de Trianon, San Paulo
Live at Hotel MiraMare, Naples
Late Afternoon, Botanical Gardens, Rio de Janeiro
View from Room #1211, Jaragua Hotel
Herculaneum with Vesuvius
Certosa di San Martino
Refreshment Stand, Copacabana Beach
View from Vesuvius II
Looking at Looking, Iguazu Falls
Libyan Sea
Virgil's Tomb
Aegean Sea from Aegina
Mouth of Vesuvius, Tourist Path
From Room 511
Naples Bay with Vesuvius
At the Foot of Vesuvius
View from Vesuvius
Fishing with Vesuvius
Beach at Paestum
Paestum, Italy
Malmo, Merry Go Round
Third Eye Cafe
Paleochoria from the Beach
Sougia, Crete
Palm Tree from the Beach
Café on Crete
Chania Courtyard
Cactus by Haury Huf, Paleochora
Paleochora House
Palm Tree
Club Paleochora
Olive Grove
East of Hoary Haury Huf
Antigone's Friend
Paleochora Beach
View, Antigone
Western Beach
Sunset, Crete
Crete Beach
Chair, Crete
Sketch of Western Crete
House, Crete

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